Parent Comments

‘We really enjoyed the session. It’s good to learn all the different ways using different activities to help learn’.
‘Good session. Very interested to hear how much the brain develops so young! My child enjoyed it too’.
‘My child had lots of fun with other children her age. It was nice to get out the house and meet other parents’.
‘The children really enjoy coming as do I. It’s nice to see them get really involved in all the activities. First time I have been involved with the grandkids at this stage. It’s normally parents’.
‘Very good, lots of fun and friendly’.
‘Good to be reminded about bringing stories to life with toys / puppets etc. Also using different story sources – kindle, magazines etc.
‘Really enjoyed the interaction. Getting to know other parents. Enjoyed watching how the children played together’.
‘Very happy with today’s session. Both my children enjoyed it and I am very happy with the confidence I have seen in them joining in all activities’.
‘Nature walk and mini beast hunt has taught us how to have fun with nature’.
‘I thought the messy play was brilliant. My child loved it’.
‘Thought today was very informative. My granddaughter really enjoys doing the activity. You can see she really gets involved’.
‘Finding the group sessions very good. My child really showing her independence when playing. Thank you’.
‘I have found plenty of interesting ideas to play with my child’.
‘Lots of different activities to do together today. Had lots of fun’.
‘Lots of fun, would love to do more like this’.
‘My child really enjoyed having her hands painted to make hand prints. She kept laughing as it was ticklish’.
‘Lovely listening to ideas of things we can do and make at home with the kids. My child really enjoyed colouring the Humpty Dumpty and her favourite song is little Peter rabbit’.
‘I liked that we discovered making equipment to go with nursery rhymes wasn’t as expensive as it seems. I will be making more puppets / card people to go on the glove’.
‘Fun filled session. My child enjoyed exploring outside’