Programmes Offered

  • Baby Peep (0-12 months)
  • Toddler Peep (12 months – 3 years)
  • Pre-school Peep/Nursery (3-4 years)

All programmes run for eight weeks with each session for the families lasting for two hours.


  1. Early communication
  2. Early conversations
  3. Making choices
  4. Making the most of routines
  5. Musical moments
  6. Sharing books with babies
  7. Understanding our place in space
  8. Mathematical babies

Toddler PEEP

  1. Becoming a talker
  2. How children play
  3. Helping children feel good about themselves
  4. Sharing books
  5. Wonderful ways with words
  6. Songs and rhymes
  7. Mark making and messy play
  8. Number names

Pre-school Programme: Literacy

  1. Play and language
  2. The importance of support and encouragement
  3. Becoming a good listener
  4. Everyday routines
  5. Musical Interactions
  6. Exploring stories through play
  7. Exploring nature/Out and about
  8. Early writing and mark making

Pre-school programme: Numeracy: Fun with maths

  1. Numbers, numbers everywhere
  2. Sorting and matching
  3. Maths in everyday routines
  4. Maths in songs and rhymes
  5. Maths in books, toys and games
  6. Shapes and patterns everywhere
  7. Exploring measures
  8. Mathematical adventures

Foundation Phase profile:

I have linked the Pre-school literacy and numeracy programmes to the Foundation Phase profile as well as the Adult Core Curriculum Entry Level 3. This is evident within the schemes of work completed.

Elements of Learning:

I have developed a working partnership with the Elements of Learning team in Conwy and can also offer the following programmes:

  • Elements of Story Sacks
  • Elements of number sacks

I also offer 2-hour adult and family ‘Make it’ workshops. These include:

  • ‘Make it’ – Song props
  • ‘Make it’ – Story props
  • ‘Make it’ – Junk to funk
  • ‘Make it’ – Messy Play