The Peep Learning Together Programme:

The Peep Learning Together Programme:

Is an evidence based programme which aims to support parents and carers to improve the home learning environment; value and extend everyday learning opportunities with their children as well as to support the development of secure attachment relationships with their babies and young children.

The programme by supporting parents / cares aims to improve children’s:

  • Communication and language
  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Early literacy development
  • Early numeracy development
  • Health and physical development

Which are five main strands of children’s development and offers an effective way of helping:

  • Parents and carers to improve their children’s life chances, by making the most of everyday learning opportunities – listening, talking, playing, singing and sharing books and stories together
  • Babies and young children to make the most of their opportunities by becoming confident communicators and active learners, ready for school
  • Practitioners to enhance and develop their work with parents and young children, through accredited training and an evidence -based programme
  • Parents and carers to realise and act on their own learning potential and to recognise and build on their achievements

These five main strands of children’s development are organised into sub strands and topics.  There are currently 74 topics and these are further subdivided by developmental stage.  The stages are babies, toddlers and pre-school.  Some topics are suitable for use with parents / carers of a child of any of these stages.     All sessions include information, ideas, activities, songs and rhymes, sharing books and stories and things for families to try at home.

The Peep Learning Together Programmes is structured but flexible.  It can be used in the home, in universal or targeted groups, in drop in sessions or in schools.

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