Programme Structure

The programme is made up of five strands of learning and development:

  1. Communication and language
  2. Early Literacy
  3. Early Maths
  4. Personal, social and emotional
  5. Health and physical development

These are organised into sub strands and topics. The topics are further subdivided by developmental stage. The stages are babies, toddlers and pre-school. Some topics are suitable for use with parents/carers of a child of any of these stages.

There are currently 74 topics. All sessions include information, ideas, activities, songs and rhymes, sharing books and stories and things for families to try at home.

The Peep Learning Together Programmes is structured but flexible. It can be used in the home, in universal or targeted groups, in drop in sessions or in schools.

The Learning Together Programme is based on the ORIM Framework which is a mechanism to help parents and carers to develop, grow and support their childrens’ learning.

ORIM stands for: Opportunities, Recognition, Interaction and Modelling. These are four roles that parents/carers play to support their children’s learning and development. These four roles are clearly interlinked. They reinforce each other, and overlap between the is normal and expected.

Each Peep session includes:

  • Welcome/Hello song
  • Song time
  • Talk time to share key ideas and information with parents and carers follwed by activities (taking part together)
  • Story Time
  • Things to try at home
  • Special song blankets (all come together)
  • Goodbye song – things to remember for the following week